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Introduction of DESENT project

The target of this project is to develop, test/apply and disseminate such a comprehensive integrated decision support system for smart grids and city planners. It will support the policy makers (such as urban planners but also system operators) to improve the knowledge of energy flows within the region, future energy dispatch and the necessity of ancillary service provision, ensure the feasibility of the system, and citizens to transform from energy consumer to energy producer through personalized energy management.


figure 1 concept 


Within the project DESENT several models will be developed, which will amongst others:

  • investigate the consumption / production behaviour of customers under conditions of uncertainty,
  • evaluate and give possibility to optimize future energy supply considering the uncertainty from the demand and supply side, and
  • manage uncertainties in consumers and business strategies of energy companies in energy transition and SES developments.


The main objectives of DESENT are the following:

- To develop models for high-resolution energy consumption data and prediction at the individual and/or household level in buildings and for transport;

- To develop an integrated framework for dynamic building energy simulation at the district level;

- To investigate how the improved demand predictions (with emphasis on future development) reduce the uncertainty faced by the policy makers and how it leads to improved energy dispatch and ancillary service provision decisions

- To develop an integrated energy information management system for consumers to monitor, control and manage their energy consumption at home and with respect to their vehicles;

- To integrate the new models into state-of-the-art simulation tools, to develop enhanced decision support systems which provides scientific evidence in support of policy options;

- To investigate the effects of the products and services enabled by the integration of personal transportation, building energy and power services;

- To test/implement the models and tools, demonstrate and evaluate the capabilities of the tools through the case studies in the cities of Weiz, Helmond and Steijnker.

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