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Consortium partners


Technische Unversiteit Eindhoven (TU/e)



This proposal involves the research program of Design & Decision Support Systems (DDSS) in Urban Planning within the faculty of the Built Environment, under the leadership of Professor Harry Timmermans. The Urban Planning Group has been specialized in developing transport models and integrating them in decision support systems to support planning processes in a variety of application domains. TU/e will be responsible for the overall coordination and management of the DESENT project. TU/e will also lead WP2 and WP3.


4ward Energy Research GmbH (4ER)




The research facility 4ward Energy Research GmbH is a non-profit organisation in the sector of energy research, both at the national and international level. Next to the headquarter in Vienna the research facility operates two district offices (Graz and Vorau). The fields of activity are manifold and cover amongst others in the fields of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, alternative propulsion systems, energy model regions, smart grids and micro grids, energy innovation, storage technologies, electro-mobility, simulations, etc. 4ER will lead WP5 “District energy infrastructure and provision of grid services”.




As part of Scandinavia's leading independent research institute, SINTEF Energy Research covers a wide range of expertise in the fields of advanced metering and control systems, grid analysis and power markets, system analysis, development and operation. SINTE Energy Research houses the seat of the Norwegian Smart Grid Center with 8 smart grid demo sites spread around the country. The profits of its contract research projects are invested in new research, scientific equipment and competence development. SINTEF will lead WP6, the implementation of an ICT solution in the three partner cities, and WP7, the development of business models for the selected service(s).

logo reiterer Reiterer & Scherling GmbH (RSG)


RSG is a highly innovative engineering (particularly in the building sector) and management consultancy office for energy both at the national and international level. As a R&D performing company the core competence of RSG is that newly developed solutions taken directly from research to the market and to be profitably implemented in practice (bridging the gap between science and industry). As R&D experienced company, RSG identifies the outstanding development needs and establishes via proven methods user-friendly and market-based solutions / products. RSG will lead WP4, Building energy demand prediction and district infrastructure.

logo weizinstitue

Energy and Innovation Centre of the City of Weiz (W.E.I.Z.)


The partner Innovationcentre W.E.I.Z. is a non-profit organisation. It is one of 30 so called "impulse centres" in the Austrian province Styria. The focus of the W.E.I.Z. was set on “innovation” and “energy”, especially renewable energy and energy efficiency. As a Styrian impulse centre, the W.E.I.Z. has been involved in more than 60 regional and international projects as project leader or partner towards the fields “construction & energy", "internationalization & networking" and "know how‐transfer & sustainability". Together with the City of Weiz, W.E.I.Z. will be largely involved in WP8, which will implement and evaluate the proposed integrated models and tools through case studies in the three pilot cities, Weiz, Helmond and Steijnker.

logo weizcity City of Weiz (Weiz, Austria)


The City of Weiz is located in the Eastern part of the province of Styria, 27 km North-East of the Province capital of Graz. Weiz has approximately 11,300 inhabitants and is the centre of the district of Weiz and the surrounding region called energy region. Known as a city full of energy, the municipality of Weiz has implemented several local pilot projects with its local cooperation partners and has therefore won various awards (e.g. the Climate Star Award 2004, the Austrian Climate Protection Award 2014, the European Energy Award in Gold 2014. In DESENT, the responsible department for mobility and energy in the municipality of Weiz will be fully involved. The city of Weiz will lead WP8, Implementation and evaluation.

logo helmond

City of Helmond (Helmond, The Netherlands)


The City of Helmond has the ambition to become a smart mobility city with contribution to the sustainable roll-out of electric vehicles. It has built up strong connections with eight related organizations to participate in the Helmond all electric street. They will provide a unique scalable “multi-purpose test site” for this project, with smartly integrated locally produces renewable energy and electric support.

logo steinkje

City of Steijnker (Steijnker, Norway)


The Demo Steinkjer involves 4500 network customers, including domestic as well as business customers. As part of the project, the time-based values are uploaded to a cloud-based storage service/database specially adapted for time series. It will be the main test area for ICT implementation.


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